How to use cloner app for coin master and download

Hello friends, Today I gonna share an app with you, this app will definitely change your way of playing coin master.

We play coin master like no big raids, no event complete, nothing good. This app will help you in achieve your goals.

How clone app works

Download the clone app for coin master to clone you coin master account.

  • Download
  • Install
  • Open

You have to select an app for Clone, select coin master for Clone. Change name, color etc

Click on the clone button and wait till the process complete.

After completing process install the clone coin master.

Now open your coin master and login with same Id or different id.

For skip coins bar in big event log-in with same id

For big raids log in with your different id. I will explain you how to get big raids in my next post with this app.

You can clone 10 coin master with this app.

Hope you get the idea. For more ideas like this like share and comment

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5 thoughts on “How to use cloner app for coin master and download”

  1. What does the clone app do ? I mean other than clone the app. What is the purpose? I downloaded and installed it thinking it was for cloning your account to get double rewards or something. But I don’t see anything other than what I named it and changed the color.

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