How to Convert your image into whatsapp sticker

Hello friends today I gonna share some tips and tricks about how to convert your image into whatsapp sticker or How to make a sticker easy methd. As you know, we always share some exciting contents for you, subscribe us via email to get updated through our newest post.
whatsapp stickers
Whatsapp stickers are expressions of your emotions. You can simply send your emotions through you stickers. Just make emotional face and click your image follow below process and make your stickers in one minute and send to your loved one.
  1. First download the Sticker Maker app from Google Play Store (Viko & Co)
  2. Open the app after the Sticker Maker app is installed. Click on ‘Create new stickerpack’ appearing in the app.
  3. After this, fill the information sought, such as Sticker’s name and sticker pak author.
  4. After filling the details open the sticker pack. After this you will see some boxes.
  5. Click on the box with tray icon appearing at the top. Now two options will open in front of you – you can put a new photo or use a photo that is already present in your smartphone. The app will ask you for permission to access the phone before opting for the photo.
  6. Make an outline around the area of the photo you want. After creating the outline, click the Save sticker.
  7. After the tray icon image is set you will notice that you can add up to 30 custom stickers in the stickerpack. To add a new sticker, you can either click the photo or use the store photo in the phone.
  8. If you think you have made a sticker, then click on the publisher sticker pack below. After this you will see Yes and Cancel two options. Click Yes. By doing so, your new stickerpack will be added to Whatsapp.
  9. Now you will notice that the stickers you have created with the other stickers in the WhatsApp are also present.
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