Coin Master Emergency Tips and Tricks

Coin Master Emergency Tips and Tricks

Hello friends Today, I am going to share another useful post, in this post, I am going to tell you some emergency tips and tricks of Coin Master.

What is emergency tricks?

Emergency tricks are those tricks, which are used when trouble is used. With these tips, you get some spins and coins in the last time, with the help of which you can complete your own village. Sometimes we get frustrated in completing the last star of the villages, then these tricks come in handy.

Afraid of attacks?
Raid meets small?
Is there a dire need of coins and spins?
Want more than 5 cards urgent from one friend?

Today I’m going to tell you about emergency tips and tricks which will help you in such situations.

1. Watch Videos and download apps

We all know that watching videos will give us 1 spin per video. After four videos the option will be closed. You can change your date to come back to this option, if you change your date to a one day letter, you will get four more spin videos and 5 additional coins videos. Repeat until you need emergency spin and coins.

It’s usually hard to download and get spins by app, but if you want more exciting offers then use VPN

2. Card Exchange

We can exchange 5 cards in a day but you can also exchange more than 5 cards in a day. If you increase the date one day forward as per the above method, then you send 5 more cards.

3. Block attack, Hide accounts, protect raids

You can save your coins and villages by just hide your account.

  •  Go to facebook
  • Setting
  • Click on Login to through apps
  • Remove coin master from your facebook

4. Use three pet at a time

If you want to use all pets together, you will need a clone app, I will post about the Cloner app in the next post.

  • make a Clone of your coin master with cloner app
  • Install your cloned coin master
  • Open your main coin master switch and open your clone coin master.
  • Now again switch to your main coin master.
  • Play in your main account
  • Select tiger pet and give him food.
  • Keep playing the game until you can get the raids, when you get the raid, then switch your main account to the Clone Coin Master account and then select the Fox.
  • Now go back and use your raids you will get coins and foxy will give you more extra coins.
  • So with this trick you can enjoy tigers extra coins and foxy’s extra coins too
  • After playing your game just switch to rhino. The sleep timing will be stopped for tiger and foxy.

5.Double rewards.

Play your coin master in two different mobiles and play with your main account just complete any mission on first then use a single spin on the other phone you will get two same rewards. Enjoy if you feel really lucky to get the tips and tricks like our facebook page. for more tips and tricks of coin master visit

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