How to get 3 symbol Raid Rush tips and tricks

Raid rush tips and tricksHello friends here is the Raid Rush tips and tricks. In this post I gonna show you How to play Raid Rush event.

Raid Rush is newly launched coin master event which give you amazing rewards if you play smartly.

Raid rush tips and tricks

  • If you got raid rush symbol after 120 plus spins then you will get next 3 symbols in less then 100 spins
  • If you got 3 symbols after 180 plus spins then next 3 symbols will get before 100 spins. I will explain it later in this post. So keep reading till the end.

How to play Raid Rush

  1. Play 1xbet in starting don’t target raid just target 3 raid rush symbols.
  2. Don’t waste your spins because 3 symbol will come after 100+ spins
  3. I got first 3 symbols after 17 spins and then I got second symbol after 180 spins. I’m unlucky on my second attempt. If you got these type of situations then ready for next raid rush symbole after 60 to 80 spins. After getting Third raid rush symbole you have to lower your bet and spins till the 60 spins. This time again you will get 3 raid rush symbole’s in between 60 to 80 spins.
  4. In my situation I got 3rd symbole after 67 spin, 4th symbole after 75 spins and 5th after 69 spins. This situation will come if you get 3 symboles after 150+ spins.
  5. After getting 3 consecutive raid rus symbole’s before 100 spins so the next raid rush symbole will come after 100+ spins. I got 6th one is on 120 spins.

Bonus tips

If you got continues two-three raid rush symbols after 60 plus spins then you have to increase your bet for next 5 spins. Ultra attack master is also an amazing event.

Final words For Raid Rush Event

Raid rush event is amazing event you will get double profit in this event but you have to play smartly. You have to play auto mode on single bet and then if you feel after 60+ spins that it’s the time you can get the 3 raid rush symboles then you have to higher your bet.

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