How to get big raids in coin master

Hello friends, today I gonna share another best trick with you. Actually this post have an amazing trick so read till the end.

I know you are tired of getting low raids.

How to get bigger raids

Before getting bigger raids you need to understand second trick first.

So what is second trick.

You need to make another facebook ID and also need to download App cloner from the google play store.

For iPhone users download parallel app from app store

Install the cloner app and open it. Click on the coin master and make it’s clone. It will create another coin master in your mobile. So you can play two coin master in same mobile.

  • Open clone coin master
  • Click on the play with facebook
  • Login with your second facebook id
  • Now you will be able to play the game
  • Before playing make sure you already send a request to your first facebook id and connect both ids as friend.

Don’t make other friends on your second facebook id.

How to get big raids

Now play with your second Id and store 4 to 5cr coins and stop the playing.

Open your main coin master and play the game.

You will get first lower raids or you may get first highest raid of your second account.

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So use this trick and get higher raids every-time.

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    Why dose it always happen to me CM links
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