How to get food for pets

Nowadays coin master has stopped giving food with Viking Event and Village Master, so getting food is very difficult.

How to get food for pets ???

First of all, start playing Coin Master, now you have to make any part of the village and do not play Coin Master for 2 to 3 days.

After 2 to 3 days your village will be destroyed by enemies, and this is a significant part, now just make a part of a village again, you will get pet food or 100xp.

So this is the only free way to get pet food or you can also buy pet foods.

How to keep pets active for a long time?

Provide food to a pet and do not feed other pets.

Use this pet when you play and choose another pet When you want to stop playing.

For example, if you give food to the fox, then play until you have the spin finish, just have to be careful to pick up the tiger pet before leaving the game.

So the foxy time will be stopped first. So when you play next time you do not need to feed the fox again, just select the fox and play. Repeat this process

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