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How to hide your coinmster account and save your coins and villages from enemies

Hello friends, today I gonna tell you how to hide your coin master account and save your coins and spins from your enemies. You all know that when you play and your villages are build slowly and your spins are over then you had to left your village without completing levels then some people will destroy your villages by attacking. If you left coins in your coin master account your enemies/friends can steal your money.

I have a simple trick will help you in saving your money and villages from your enemies.

Profit and loss of hiding your coin master account

If you want to know the trick please read profit and loss segment because precautions are better than cure.


  1. No one can attack your villages (after 2 to 3hrs from hiding your account)
  2. No one can steal your money (after 2 to 3hrs from hiding your account)
  3. You can store lots of money through this trick
  4. No one can harm your account
  5. You can save your incomplete villages through this trick


  1. No one can send you daily spins and daily coins
  2. No one can send you cards

So that was some profit and loss for this trick but if use this trick for the right time you will get good benefit from this trick.

How to Hide your coin master account

Watch this video if you want to know how to hide your account or continue reading this post. How to block attack in coin master or How to block someone in coin maser.

  1. Open your Facebook account
  2. Go to settings in coin master
  3. Click on Apps and websites
  4. In Apps and website click on Logged in with Facebook
  5. Further, click on coin master and then click on remove
  6. Close your Facebook account
  7. Go to your phone’s setting
  8. Click on data
  9. Clear all the data of Coin master
  10. Now your account will be hidden for everyone

Pro tips for hiding your coin master account

  • Just Hide your account when the useless event happen
  • Open your account on best event running like Viking quest and set-master
  • Build your villages when village master happen
  • Complete your set when set master appear

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  1. sujal

    Please spin & coin give me

  2. Abhisek

    Point kese badhte

  3. Imichand

    Thanks for trick

  4. Kimberly Browne

    Thank you so much for the free spins, coins and free advice on tricks in Coin Master, love the game….

  5. Christine Hughes

    This coin master game just needs every one email

  6. Norma

    I just learned that to Clear Data of Coin Master on my iPhone 12, it will delete the game completely! The CM I am playing would be lost. I will lose the settings, login info and saved game si have now. This is what I read:

    “Clearing cache or data from an app can fix some
    software problems. If you clear data, any data stored in
    that app is lost, such as settings, login information, and
    saved games. If you don’t want to clear the data, try just
    clearing cache first. If you still experience problems,
    then clear data too.”

    I wanted to hide my game, but it looks like I cant!

    If you have any other idea, please let me know. I would really appreciate! I love Coin Master, but is ruining me economically! I have been buying a lot of spins to keep playing and I can’t continue doing that!

    Is there a way to help me?

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