How to send Unlimited cards to your friends

Hello friends, today I am going to share another trick with you. If you have read my previous post then you will know about this method. If you want advanced tips and tricks visit here. I always give important tips on Coin master about what to do and what not to do. As I posted about the ID reset earlier. A trick in the world of coin master is really famous how to get 50000 spin. I know this trick but this trick is completely insecure and if you use this trick then your account can be reset. Do not take risk, play regularly, play safe and stay away from such tricks. I always posted a simple trick which never harmed your CM account.

How to send unlimited cards to your friend?

As you know, the limit for sending cards is 5 per day but you can send more than 5 cards per day by this trick. but how?? First send 5 cards to your friend, after this, extend the date of your mobile one day. Now open your CM account, now you can send another 5 cards, Repeat this process to your expectations. Most popular tricks of coin master

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