Best weapons in PubG mobile game?

Best weapons in PubG mobile game?Category: GameBest weapons in PubG mobile game?
Naveen Staff asked 4 months ago

Hello sir, I want to know which is best gun in PubG mobile game.

1 Answers
Hacktoman Staff answered 4 months ago

All the guns are best. Even some time pistols are good to survive for some time.
I think best Guns for long distance are

  1. AWM (I never get it) only used in training mode) superb: You will get it near Airdrops.
  2. M24 (I never get it ) only used in training mode Awesome” You will get it near Airdrops.
  3. Kar98K: It can be found easily in the higher popularity area and best with 8xscope. Only one headshot is enough for your enemies to kill.

 Best guns for Fast Firing and Mid Range

  1. M416 – Its firing rates are very fast, you can easily kill your enemies.
  2. M164A – Low firing rates compared to m4 but still one of the best guns.
  3. SCLAR – Fast firing rates + More than mid-range + Powerful gun.

It’s my choices maybe your choices are different but once try it.
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