Some tips on Coin Master Id reset problem

Hello friends Recently the Coinmaster took a big step on spammers. In this process, many good players have been reset to the Cm-account.

If you are a regular player but the fear of getting the ID reset.

Do not be afraid to just keep your account safe with these simple steps.

  1. Some spammers get hacking or wrongly spinning more than 30000 spins.
  2. Now the CMS will reset the accounts which have more than 30000 spin and 100 billion plus stock.
  3. If you want to keep your account secure, just email the cm that you are a regular player and you have received it through your hard work.
  4. If you have been staying in a village for a long time, please approach the next village. Because if you feel like a spammers in cm then your account may be in trouble.
  5. Do not hide your account for a few days …
  6. Keep your account open or play regularly.
  7. Do not use a skip trick in this event.

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  1. Shiza sayyeda

    M enjoying this game very much…. thank you coin master for helping me…

  2. Soe Yan Naing


  3. Imcha jamir

    I am a regular player

  4. Ankit

    Spin 1000

    1. Jagadeesh



  5. Ksenia

    I’m a regular prayer in 117 village

  6. Tracy lilley

    I can’t receive ids anymore I’m a regular player and this has spoilt my game how do I get them back plz

  7. samuel

    i wanna reset my account how can i do that

  8. mukesh yadu

    please coin master unblock me

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