The gaming sensation ROG Phone 6 will launch on 5th July

The gaming dream team Asus already announced for upcoming smartphone ROG PHONE 6 on 5th July 2022.


ROG PHONE 6 Specifications

We are here to talk about it’s simple and elegant features.

ROG PHONE 6 Camera

Upcoming phone will come up with 4 camera, 3 rear and 1 front. The main camera will be come up with 64MP and other two rear are 16 and 5, which is cool. The selfie camera will come up with24MP.

Overall this phone have average to decent camera and we know this is not for camera lover but we can take great pictures with it.

ROG PHONE 6 Battery

No surprise yet again ROG will come up with 6000MaH battery.

Display of ROG Phone 6

6.78 Inches OLED screen which is good.


ROG PHone 6 64 mp camera and cooling system

For premium version Asus will break all the record with 18 GB RAM while it will come up with 8 GB RAM on normal version.

ASUS ROG PHONE 6 Processor

Asus will launch snapdragon 8 Plus gen 1 will be first phone for this version.

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