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Coin Master Network Problem | Cards | FB Request

Hello, friends today I gonna tell you about coin master network problem, server error, not working or coin master glitch. I will also tell you about my fake facebook account where you can send me a request to get cards.

I already posted about How to get free Coin master spins and coins and How to unblock coin master account in Hindi. So, friends, this post is very important for those who are regular players.

You got always irritating, if you facing this problem keep reading this post I will help you in this matter.

Coin Master Network Problem

First of all, You need to know about

Why can network problem happen in coin master? or what is the reason behind the coin master glitch?

Coin master is a server site game so this is the common problem for everyone. Here are some points why coin master network problem arises.

  1. If you play coin master after a week or 10 days then you may face this problem.
  2. If your network, cellular companies network are slow, So this problem will arise. Coin master needs more data and strong network area to play smoothly.
  3. If you switch one Facebook ID to another facebook Id on coin master to play for different accounts, So this problem will arise.

So basically this problem will hit on your mobile if you do follow the above points. Now what you have to do to solve this problem.

Fortnite and PubG really dominating the whole world right now, I already posted about download fortnite in android, and I also shared Pubg tips and tricks to win every time. If you face network problem in PubG I already shared a post on it.

How to Solve Server errors in coin master?

You have to do some extra work on your mobile to overcome this problem.

  1. You need to shut your game and open again, Some users problem will be solved.
  2. Clear coin master’s data and restart this game 2 to 3 times it will solve some users problem.
  3. Sometimes mobile’s backgrounds apps can arise this problem, So just restart your mobile or restrict your background data for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Whatsapp to create more space in your mobile it will solve most of the user’s problem.
  4. As per Coin master’s rule, you have to remove coin master into facebook and reopen this game.
  5. Sometimes you just need to ignore the retry button and just use back button two to three times your problem will be solved.

Coin master glitch or Coin Master Award Problem?

A big game has lots of bugs but coin master legs are the little bit smaller. Sometimes as I mentioned above how to solve this problem like coin master not working, server errors are similar.

If you not getting awards for not playing 7 days or more than it is a serious cause. You can solve this problem by just complete one task in coin master like use your spin or Use daily weel, then restart the game, it will solve your reward-related problem. I always try this and it works.

How to send me a friend request on facebook to share coin master cards?

So friends I gonna tell you my fake Facebook ID, I’m on 1100+ stars on my real ID but due to lots of friends, I think your name will be not shown on my real ID, So I made this fake account for you where you can send me friend request and then comment on this post that you sent me request and write which card would you want. I will give you.

Here is my ID:

Please do before sending a request

  • Comment on this site about a request
  • Mention that which card do you need

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Pro Tips

  • Use proper way when you invite a friend to join coin master
  • Send him a joining Link, Tell him about download the game through your link
  • Download + Open + connect through Facebook
  • Your joining bonus will add in your account

So, friends, If you like this post on coin master network problem, You can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to get the latest post notifications.

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  1. Raghvendra Pratap maurya

    Please sir do my coin master referral joining spin unlocked

    1. Colby Drawdy

      Mighty lion please

  2. Aftab

    Olivia (Moon Active)

    Sep 24, 18:17 IDT

    Hey there, Coin Master!

    You have reached the limit for earning Spins from friends joining the game, but there are still many great ways to earn spins in the game! You can gift each of your friends 1 spin each and they can do the same for you! Gifting a spin doesn’t use any of your spins, so with the right group of friends you can send and receive 100 free spins each time!

    In other great news, we also host many different raffles and contests on our social media pages which you can participate in to win spins and other great rewards! All of our social media pages can be found in the signature of this email.
    Recived this msg

    1. Vimal dhamecha

      Unblock spin cm

      1. Darrell

        Hello I would like to request thron of thorns

    2. Cristina Mount

      I’ve set up my account

      1. Jamie Brock

        Unlock spins please CM

    3. David

      I need lettuce card

  3. Ashu

    Hii please give me cupcake card if you have extra
    Thanks and sorry for bothering you, i have alreasy sent you a friend request
    Ashu bhatt

    1. Hacktoman

      Sorry I didn’t get any fb request …. Actually I checked that fb request link… That not working … I update that link now … Thanx for comment I have 3 extra cupcake cards

      1. Charlene Hill

        Hi I’m in need of a lot of gold cards only to complete about 6 sets would you be able to help?

  4. Irfan Moosa

    Please I need one card Excalibur…. Please send please!

  5. Lucky jangid

    Frnds join cm but not recieved spin

  6. Delka Pushkarova

    I need Mertian Lettuse.Thank you!

    1. David

      I need lettuce card

  7. Young Barnes

    I just sent you a friend request on Facebook from Young Barnes…..I need these cards
    Luxury Yacht
    Level Up
    Master Shop

    1. David lohmiller

      Send me friend request

    2. Melissa ☆Melvin☆ Ward

      Do you have those cards yet??

  8. Jennifer

    Do you by chance have an extra Mighty Wizard in Legends? Any extra spuns/coins much appreciated. Thank you. Sending fr

  9. Caroline Tootill

    I need Martian lettuce to complete a set please? I can help others with cards if I have them.
    Thank you

  10. Iamhorlahmide

    i need Martian lettuce and Excalibur

  11. heds

    please i need mighty lion and bling bling and last chest and choco bar

    1. Subhanshu

      I want the same

  12. Philip Wolfenden

    I’m having issue sending cards to friends in coin master When I try game crashes.Can you suggest a fix please.

  13. Leigh Stacey

    I’ve spent hundreds of millions on treasure chests but still can’t get the gold chocolate bar card in the sweets collection, can you help me out

    1. Melissa☆Melvin☆Ward

      Level 11/42 wood chest. Level 13 gold chest. Level 11,41,42,45,46,56 magic chest

  14. Subhanshu

    I’ve spent hundreds of millions on treasure chests but still can’t get the ‘Ocean King’ card in the BEASTS collection, can you help me out

    1. Melissa☆Melvin☆Ward

      I cannot locate this on the list… I’m going to try to search the name you gave on here and if you still haven’t gotten it one of my accounts will send it.

  15. Sara ONeal

    I need some cards an more spins plzzz

  16. Suraj Sinha

    my name is suraj sinha
    i am sending u frnd request in facebook
    please accept my frnd request and send me a card “BEASTS – El Tiger”

    thank you,

  17. Jasmine Tomasi

    I need mighty lion please

  18. Sarah Baker

    Why won’t any of my free links/emails etc for free spins & coins says I’ve received it but haven’t???
    Gretting very frustrated & disappointed in the game now 🙁

  19. Tabatha Derry

    Request fixing to be sent. Thank you. Martian lettuce please 🙏🏻 & Thank you in advance love your tips tricks n free links.

  20. Michelle James

    I need Excalibur and spins badly. I’ve been trying to get it for months and I rarely get any spins. Can you please help me? Georgiapeach1126

  21. Harinder Chana

    Unblock free spins please

    1. Christopher

      Request sent and if possible I need top knut pig knight and Gary the goblin all under warriors

  22. Valarie Bolling

    Unblock free spins please

  23. Joline

    I opened some chests and it said I recieved a few cards that I needed and when I went I to my cars they weren’t there

  24. Jenn

    I need throne of thorns please.

  25. mukesh yadu

    please coin master unblock

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