Coin Master Tips and Tricks

Hello friends Today, in this post, I am going to tell you some emergency tips and tricks of Coin Master. Coin Master is casually a trending game around the world. Today I am going to give you the top 7 helpful coin master tips and tricks that will change your way of playing this game.

I already said many things about Coin Master but this post is detailed in every point. You don’t need anything after this article, so read it till the end to change the way of playing this game. 

So we are going to discuss every point of the coin master game in a simple way. There is no direct way to reach the final level from the first level, you must first move from level to level and keep moving forward till the end

What is coin master tips and tricks?

Emergency tricks are those tricks, which are used when trouble is used. With these tips, you get some coin master spins and coins in the last time, with the help of which you can complete your own village. Sometimes we get frustrated in completing the last star of the villages, then these tricks come in handy. Afraid of attacks? Raid meets small? Is there a dire need of coins and spins? Want more than 5 cards urgent from one friend? Today I’m going to tell you about emergency tips and tricks which will help you in such situations.

Coin Master Tips and Tricks


1. How to generate 10000 spins tricks

We all know how important the coins and spin are in this game. That is why we need coins and spin in every aspect of this game. So how to collect more spins and coins, let’s get it


Now move on to pro tips

  • All tips and tricks are incomplete without your strategies. So Understand the game and make your own strategies to move to one village to another village.
  • You have to maintain your mindset on this game because if you waste your spins you will be able to complete two or three villages per month, this will be heartbreaking and boring if you do continue the game process.
  • Wait for the right time to play the game. Don’t waste your time completing villages on a daily basis. You have to focus on collecting more spins.
  • To do collect more spins you have to complete card sets. Add friends tricks are old because coin master allowed 250 friends to join, after this all your rewards will be stopped.
  • Collect all gold cards before completing any villages. In further I discussed detailed which village numbers are crucial to open the chest to get maximum cards.
  • Don’t worry if your friends are ahead by you. If you maintain some rules will make your game more interesting and loving.
  • Coin Master events are best to increase your spins. I will discuss later on this post how to play in different – 2 events.

2. How to complete card set tricks

I already discussed this topic how to complete card sets fast but I know something was missing on the post was villages where you have to open the chests to get maximum rewards. Our Coin master tips and tricks help you in building the game.

  • When we started the game first three levels are learning period and the 4th level is where we found the cards.
  • So the first important village for collecting more cards is the 5th village. Stay this village till you get all the unlocked gold cards.
  • After collecting all the gold cards you need to look on your cards sets which level is next to where your gold card will be unlocked.
  • Complete 5 and 6th village and then the second important village is 7th follow all the above process and collect all gold cards and move on to 10th Level.
  • Now you get the process, Here I reveal all the Important villages for you or you find the important villages by this trick.
  • 5th village -7th village -10th village
  • 13th village -15th village -17th village -20*th village
  • 22th village -27*th village -30th village
  • 34th village -35th village -37th village -40th village
  • 45*th village -47th village -49th village
  • 51*th village -60th village
  • 65*th village
  • 75*th village
  • 87**th village
  • 95th village
  • 105th village
  • 112*th village
  • 127**th village
  • 140th village – 143rd village
Here * and ** means important and most important villages.

3. How to Send unlimited cards trick

The limit for sending cards is 5, but you can send unlimited cards to your friends, you will have to change your date after one day, this will help you to send 5 more cards to your friends. So repeat the process and send unlimited cards to your friend.

4. How to Get Help In Card trading groups

Sometimes it helps and sometimes it does not happen. Sometimes, some people will give you the required card, but sometimes you do not give a card, but they attack your village many times and you get bigger hassles by making a bigger raid.

I think you to join the trading group trust on the trust-worthy person who gives you cards and unfriends others who mislead you.

My strategy for getting any cards from other people is simple. You have to post that give a clear message why you need the card, attach your recent card set photo. Give an emotional message.

Try other’s post where find those people who promise to help. Send them a personal message for help.

5. How to complete Events Tips and Tricks

I already said it in my other post where I just told you that Viking quest and set blast are the most important event for generating spins. Here I gonna tell you about every event and the right time to use the event.

  • Attack Master & Raid master: Attack Master and Raid master is now the biggest event of coin master. You will get coins and spins in these events. I already discussed these events in previous so you can check how to complete it.
  • Diamond Rush: First event which includes the spins set in the game. now it’s common that every event has the coins and spins set in the game. Now a day’s this event is useful for those who have fewer spins in their cm account.
  • Ultra attack Master & Ultra Raid Madness: Both are awesome events, you just need to focus on 3 Ultra signs to get more rewards. I already discussed ultra attack master event.
  • Village Master: Complete the villages in this event it will give you more food and potions to your pet. After completing the first village you will get lots of coins to complete the next village so it will help you in getting more rewards.
  • Jackpot: Biggest fiasco event,
  • Viking Quest: Most important event to get 10,000 spins, So spend all stored coins in this event to get 10,000 spins.

Card set and card boom or Golden card trading event: These events are very helpful in getting more spins

  • card boom gives you extra cards, So it will be expecting more new cards in this segment.
  • Golden card trading is awesome, if you didn’t follow the rules and play the game for completing levels then some gold card was missed. So you need to trade it when the event happens.
  • Set blast gives you double spins when you completed the card set. So use as many coins as you can spend on this event to complete as many card set as you can.

6. How to get big raids

give food to your pet, higher your bet and play after getting first small raid you will get next higher raid. The chances are 70% so keep trying.

Sometimes we need big raids to complete our villages but stuck on low raids. You can customize your raids by adding your own two accounts. If you want to know more about getting bigger raids in coin master visit the link and follow the procedure.

Sometimes we need big raids on a big bet. If you continue playing with the higher bet you will lose too many spins. Here is my perfect raid getting on 50 x higher bet tricks.

7 How to get Pet foods Tips and Tricks

You need to upgrade your pets to get the required work. If you didn’t upgrade your pets then they will give you less work. Give them portions to upgrade their levels and give them food to activate them. I already discussed how to get pet foods fast. Village master is the most important event to get portions and foods. Attack master and raid master are also giving you portions for pets. Viking Quest will give you pet foods.

Emergency tricks for coin master

1. Watch Videos and download apps

We all know that watching videos will give us 1 spin per video. After four videos the option will be closed. You can change your date to come back to this option, if you change your date to a one-day letter, you will get four more spin videos and 5 additional coins videos. Repeat until you need emergency spin and coins.

It’s usually hard to download and get spins by app, but if you want more exciting offers then use VPN

2. Card Exchange

We can exchange 5 cards in a day but you can also exchange more than 5 cards in a day. If you increase the date one day forward as per the above method, then you send 5 more cards.

3. Block attack, Hide accounts, protect raids

You can save your coins and villages by just hide your account.

  •  Go to facebook
  • Setting
  • Click on Login to through apps
  • Remove coin master from your facebook

4. Use three pet at a time

If you want to use all pets together, you will need a clone app, I will post about the Cloner app in the next post.

  • make a Clone of your coin master with cloner app
  • Install your cloned coin master
  • Open your main coin master switch and open your clone coin master.
  • Now again switch to your main coin master.
  • Play in your main account
  • Select tiger pet and give him food.
  • Keep playing the game until you can get the raids, when you get the raid, then switch your main account to the Clone Coin Master account and then select the Fox.
  • Now go back and use your raids you will get coins and foxy will give you more extra coins.
  • So with this trick you can enjoy tigers extra coins and foxy’s extra coins too
  • After playing your game just switch to rhino. The sleep timing will be stopped for tiger and foxy.

5.Double rewards.

Play your coin master in two different mobiles and play with your main account just complete any mission on first then use a single spin on the other phone you will get two same rewards. Enjoy if you feel really lucky to get the tips and tricks like our facebook page.

# Bonus Tips: Wheel And reward tips and tricks

Stop playing for 8 days the team will give you 100 spins and 4.5m+ coins with wheel 100m+coins. So this trick will give you a 15mcoins + 100 spins in every 8 days.

Join Coin Master

Join the coin master official page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and participate in a daily raffle to get a chance to win 300 spins.

Invite Friends

Invite your friends via send coin master links and win a reward of 40 spins. To get this reward you just need to send an invitation link to your friend, your friend must need to accept an invitation, download the game, play and join the game with Facebook.

Sharing Gifts

You can send 1 spin to your friend and he can also reward you back to you, so you can send 100 spins daily to your 100 friends and receive 100 spins from your 100 friends.

Spins Slot

60 spins slot gives you 60 spins in 12hrs so wait and play.  

Complete card Sets

Join our card trading group and complete card sets and win spins.  


Final Words for Coin Master tips and Tricks

We discussed 7 coin master tips and tricks that help you in moving to the next village. You have to maintain yourself safe from the other hacking sites and spin generating sites.

So friends that it from my side, Hope you like this work. If you wanna another this kinda posts please follow us via email or like our facebook page.

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