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How to Download Fortnite beta for Android Users

Fortnite is another famous Battleground after PUBG mobile: Unknown players battleground. Today I gonna tell you How to download Fortnite beta for Android in your mobiles. I gonna also tell you about Fortnite’s tips and tricks.

Fortnite’s Team announced the Beta version for android user around 15 days ago and launched it around 2 days ago. So now a Beta version of Fortnite is available for every android users.

In these days live gaming become the gaming hub for users because they can compete with each other. Users loved to play battle royale with unknown/real players. PUBG and Fortnite’s are quite similar but the characters are different.

Fortnite’s Battle Royale is already available for IOS users but its too long wait for android user. Now it’s available but you can’t download it from Google Play Store. So what you can do to download it, keep reading I gonna tell you everything about Fortnite.

How to Download Fortnite Beta For Android Users

I gonna tell you simplest way to Download fortnite beta for Android. Don’t get trapped into the trap of hackers. They gonna mislead you, I always tell the right path to save your time, money and information. Keep visiting Hacktoman.In or Follow our newsletter/facebook page to get the right information.

Follow the simple steps to download Fortnite beta

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Go to Website)

You have to copy this URL or write in your search bar and then Visit this site.

Register on This website

The registration process is very easy, you have to fill out a form and submit it. confirm your email Id. Your account will be ready to use.

Download and Install

Click on the download button, After this choose Android option, it will directly switch you to the downloaded page. Wait till the download complete. After downloading process end, you have to open this game. Wait till the installation part complete. After installing some data will be downloaded so wait for a moment.

How to Play Fortnite

Please make sure your set-up is completed. Now you are ready to play Fortnite: Battle Royale. I gonna tell you to step by step strategies and gameplay of Fortnite.

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Understand The Game

You have to land in a safe place to stay away from a quick gunfight because other players may be experienced players.

So, first of all, you have to understand this game by playing some matches. Experience is the best teacher. If you playing PUBG then don’t worry you will learn everything in 2 to 3 matches.

  • After joining 100 players the game will be started.  So be ready to land in a safe place.
  • Pickaxe is used for gathering woods and resources.
  • Woods and Resources are used for your barricades and towers.
  • Storm: As like PubG Forcefield – You have to move from storm to play zone, otherwise your health will decrease till your death.

  Survival Strategy

This game is based on last man standing will win. So it’s not important how many players you kill but if you survival till the last man you will be a winner.

  • Land on a Safe place
  • Ignore enemies if you have bad guns.
  • If an enemy is in your eye’s rang but away from your guns range, ignore them because if you shoot your enemy will found you.
  • If you are quicker then your enemies, kill as many as you want.

Aquire weapons

For survival you need guns. So be quick to acquire guns before your enemy acquires and kill them.

Use resources

Resources are very important. Resources may help you to overcome from risk. So be careful when using resources, the Resources can save you from backside enemies.

Hiding places

Make sure you already cover your self to the backside. Keep your eye’s on the Map for next Storm. Move on to the safe zone before storm attack.

That’s it from my side Download fortnite beta for Android. Guys, Now it’s your turn, If you enjoyed this post press Like button, Share this post with your friends. Subscribe to our newsletter to get all notifications in your inbox or you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you

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