How to complete Card set fast in coin master

Hello, friends today I am going to tell you how to complete card set fast in coin master. When you complete Card sets you get more spins.

Events are a very important aspect of Coin Master. If you play normally, you can rarely store 500 to 1000 spins. The brightest ones are those who use the thousands of spins when the main event arrives so that they Can earn more coin master free spins and coins and complete their level fast.

Let’s start

Coin Master events for Cards?

Two main events are Viking Quest and Set-master are very tough but give you amazing gifts.

Two very difficult events, Hard to complete but when we complete these events we can earn lots of spins and Some cards as well. Viking events can give us 10,000+ spins and cars and Set-master is amazing, we can earn around 125% more spins when we complete any card set.

So How to complete these events.

Viking Quest Events:

We can complete the first set out of 10 easily. Now the second to four mission is difficult but gives you greater and greater rewards.

So before entered in the Viking Quest you have to do something unique things.

  • Wait for the right time
  • Collect spins through daily links and stored more than 1000 spins.
  • Store coins but don’t invest your coins in build villages or buy card box. If you fear about raid read next step.
  • You have two options 1. Hide your account 2. Unfriend all your friends. If you don’t know how to hide your account I will share my next post on this topic, So if you want fast updates about my latest post simply follow my blog through email.
  • After Hiding your account your account will be hidden and no one can find it so all your coins will be protected and safe.
  • Now your 10cr coins and 1000 spins are safe to invest in Viking quest event.

Complete your first mission, second mission and third mission with your coins. Fourth and fifth missions are too difficult. Repeat same process for 6th to 10 mission.

  • You need to spend all your spins to collect as many coins as you can.
  • You need to tricky in Viking spin slots.
  • When you got big rewards, lower your bet till another 10 spins, because the big reward will find you after 10 + spins so lower bet and play 10 spins. After 10 spins higher your bet.
  • This trick will be very useful for completing your fourth mission.

Fifth mission is Complete 1.75B through Bonus wheel. So this is very difficult to complete.

  • Normal your bet at the starting
  • Spin the slots till you get the first bonus wheel
  • After getting first bonus wheel you will not find any bonus wheel till the 20 spin slot so lower your bet till the 20 spins, After 20 increase your bet and play.

After completing this mission you will get a gold card. Now repeat it for 6th to 10th mission. After completing 10th mission you will get 10000 spins.

How to complete Card set fast in coin master

to complete card set in coin master follow these tips

  • Complete 10 villages in your coin master after 10 villages you need to spend your coin in chests for cards to get as many cards as you, grab all the golden cards before you move on to the next village.
  • Don’t take tension if your set is completed before set-master. If you got all the unlock golden card then you need to build more villages, 10 to 15. Complete your villages during village master event.
  • Hide your account if you got too many coins.
  • Now during set-master event invest all your coins in buying card box. So you will get all the unlocked cards. Investing too many coins will find you all the cards.
  • Now you will get more 125% spins.

If you complete 500 spin Card- set then you will get 1250 spins. if you complete 5000 spin set then you will get 12500 spins.

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