How to get Raid on 50x bet In Coin Master

Hello, friends welcome to Hacktoman. In this post, I will show you How to raid on a 50x bet in the coin master game.

This is really tough for everyone who wants to get a higher bet raid, but you can do this simply: read this post till the end to get the method.

This time raid madness is very tough you will get massive attacks but the raid will come after a very long period. In this situation, if you play in higher mode you will lose too many spins.

How to get a raid on 50x bet in Coin Master

  • I want to share my 5000 winning moments with you.
  • In the beginning, I got Two attacks and one raid which is good. I got this raid with a 50x bet.
  • After getting the first raid I got 3 attacks and one raid. I got this raid with another 50x bet.
  • After getting 2 raids 50x bet, I don’t know what happened with Coin Master I got 6 hammer attacks and no raids. I lost too many spins, but I didn’t lower my bet and got one raid after 6 attacks.
  • After getting one raid I’m shocked because I got another 6 attacks and in one raid I lost too many spins.
  • After this, I got the procedure but this time I got raided after two attacks. How I completed 5000 spins with an overall loss of 500 spins.
  • If you getting low raids then try our How to Change raid in the coin master post.

You can try the Previous raid madness tips and tricks if these tips do not work for you.

Suggestions for you: Coin Master Big Raid Rules

  • Always try to switch your bet
  • Higher your bet after getting an attack for just 2 to 3 spins after 3 spins lower your bet.
  • 2, 3 attacks and 6 attacks are crucial because you will get raid after these attacks situations.
  • First, understand the game with a single bet and then play with higher bet otherwise you will be lost too many spins(In thousands).
  • There is no such rules for big raids in coin master.
  • Make higher level friends who has coins stock and easily give you big raids.

Share your thoughts with us about raid madness. Thanks for reading

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