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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Royal Match Cheats, tips, and tricks, hacks! You’ve come to the correct place if you enjoy playing match-three puzzle games and are looking for tips on how to get better at them. We’ll provide you with helpful tips and tricks in this post to help you get through difficult stages, save lives, and improve your game experience overall. So don your regal attire, hone your matching techniques, and let’s explore the realm of Royal Match!

This comprehensive tutorial for Royal Match is an engaging match-three puzzle game in which you help King Robert restore the splendor of his Royal Castle. We’ll provide you with Ten essential hints and cheats in this article to help you beat every level and give your kingdom the makeover it needs. Let’s begin straight away!

Royal Match Cheats

royal match cheats

Are there any Royal Match cheats?

Regrettably, there are no authorized Royal Match hacks. Some websites promote cheats or hacks, but these websites are frequently illegal and can contain content you don’t want on your phone or computer. Although it’s undoubtedly annoying that there is no way to get around this without accessing the shadowy online underbelly, we do not advise trying to download any Royal Match hacks for the sake of your device’s security.

Why Royal Match Cheat Codes Aren’t Recommended

Although using cheats or hacks in Royal Match could sound alluring, it’s vital to remember that there are serious hazards involved. Unofficial cheating websites may not be trustworthy and may even damage your device. Additionally, Dream Games has the authority to suspend accounts of users found employing cheats, endangering your mobile security and game progress. It’s best to always act fairly and use legal means of resolving conflicts.

Royal Match Tips And Tricks

Here are all royal match tips and tricks, hacks, and strategies to complete your mission fast.

Concentrate on the Objective

In Royal Match, there are specified goals you must achieve for each level. Focus on comprehending the mission’s objective and planning your moves accordingly rather than aimlessly matching squares. Pay attention to the level requirements and give them more importance than making straightforward tile matching. You’ll have a better probability of success and advancement using this strategy.

Save Resources for Hard Levels

On challenging levels, it’s simple to get stuck, however using resources like boosters should only be done as a last choice. Till you’re positive you can move forward without them, try to conserve your resources. If you’ve tried a level several times and failed, it might be time to use a booster or get help. To make the organic board structure work in your favor, though, be patient.

You’ll pick up unique objects from the bottom of the screen as you progress through your Royal Match experience. When employed appropriately, these items—including the Royal Hammer, Arrow, Cannon, and Jester Hat—can shift the course of the game. It’s best to reserve these goods for crucial situations when you have five moves or less left to complete a stage. You may negotiate tricky circumstances without spending money on retries by wisely using these special goods, and you can save your pre-match boosters for more difficult stages.

Don’t Rush – Plan Your Moves

The goal of playing Royal Match is to have fun and approach it calmly. Avoid starting matches too quickly without carefully examining the board. At the start of each level, take some time to go over your options and methodically plan your course of action. You’ll be able to make wise choices and stand a better chance of putting together potent combinations if you do this.

royal match cheats

You’ve played a lot of match-three puzzle games, so you know how important it is to plan your actions. As opposed to timed challenges, Royal Match lets you play at your own pace, so be sure to take some time to study the board before moving. Be sure to follow the game’s instructions for making unique boosters such as rockets, TNT barrels, propellers, and light balls. Always keep an eye out for matching of four or more pieces because they can result in effective combinations.

Start Matching from the Bottom

When in doubt, begin matching tiles at the board’s bottom. Making space for fresh tiles to descend from the top by clearing rows at the bottom makes it possible for cascading matches and chain reactions. Even though this strategy won’t ensure success on every level, it can greatly speed up the process of moving through the simpler ones.

Take time royal match tips and tricks


In Royal Match, coins are essential, and you can acquire them by using your remaining movements to make boosters. Get as close to completing the level’s goal as you can before using your moves to create boosters to increase your coin winnings. It is advisable to use your remaining moves to create boosters when you have at least 10 moves left. When the stage is finished and the boosters are automatically activated, the more boosters you build, the more coins you’ll get.

Effective Use of Boosters

Boosters can be beneficial resources if used wisely. Use your boosters if you come upon a level that seems impossible to complete. TNT and rockets are useless if you can’t go on to the next level where they can be more effective. When required, evaluate the situation and release your boosters to get beyond extremely difficult challenges.

The real magic in Royal Match occurs when you mix boosters. Although rockets, TNT barrels, propellers, and light balls are powerful on their own, they are more powerful when combined with additional rockets or boosters. For example, when two TNT barrels are combined, it causes a huge explosion that removes a lot of fragments and barriers. Additionally, if a light ball matches a booster, several copies of that booster are generated all over the board, creating an incredible cleaning frenzy. Learn how to combine boosters to easily overcome obstacles and advance through the levels.

Learn from Failure:

You might occasionally fail level even when you try really hard. But this failure offers chance for new beginning. Consider keeping the pre-stage selected boosters for your subsequent tries once you’ve unlocked them all. Assess the level during your first game to see if an additional five moves would help. If not, use all three of your available pre-game boosters to choose new beginning on your subsequent attempt. By properly planting boosters from the start, this strategy greatly improves your chances of beating the level.



You are prepared to take on a regal adventure in Royal Match with these hints and tips. Keep in mind that while cheating may provide momentary conveniences. The true satisfaction comes from successfully mastering a game with skill and strategy. Focus on the goals, plan your movements carefully, and use boosters sparingly. By according to these rules, you’ll improve your gaming, save lives, and enjoy the thrill of successful matching. On your quest for match-three excellence in Royal Match, good luck!

You are well-prepared to defeat Royal Match and revive King Robert’s Royal Castle if you have these  crucial strategies and insider information at your disposal. Always plan ahead, perfect your techniques, combine boosters for the most explosive effects, learn from mistakes, and use special items carefully. Go now and bring the kingdom back to its former splendor!

Caution: This page is simply meant to provide information. In no way do we support or encourage cheating. Play games responsibly and in compliance with the rules set forth by the creator at all times.


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