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Free Spins for Pirate Kings (Guide)

Hello Hacktians, Today you gonna read another games tactics, strategies, game play and how to get resources of the respective game. 

I know you are familiar with basic rules of the game, So we gonna start with Pirate kings tips and tricks. 

in this post we also gonna give you daily  Pirate Kings free spins. These spins will help you in building islands and some type buying chests. 

So are you ready to start a Pirates Kings Journey.

The game is simple, Do  stealing and build the island and go to the next level. I think it is much similar to coin master. both games have Attacked and stolen/raid feature. build villages and islands.

But Pirate kings give you money when you completed an island which is extra feature.  

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We need spin to continue in both games. So we are here to give you daily pirate king spins. 

Pirate Kings Tips and Tricks

  1. Spend all your money instantly to upgrade your island because if you have lots of money than someone can stole it. 
  2. Upgrade fully island will give you more money to build more island. So complete island fast to get more money in the starting phase to build your account super duper hit.
  3. As you know you get 50 spins slot and 5 spins in every hour, If the slot is filed up then you will not get another spins so use your spins before it get full so you can get more spins.
  4. Don’t waste all your spins, just focus on building islands and protecting it from attackers. 
  5. If you get 3 shields than you have to stop playing and wait for spins to refill. 
  6. Attack your target when they try to destroy your island.
  7. you will get 2 Steal attempt so try to focus and get more money. 
  8. You can watch ads and download apps or complete offer to get more spins and coins. 
  9. Pirate Quests are another best thing to get more spins.
  10. Add friends to send and received gifts.
  11. Claim your daily bonus.


Free Spins For Pirate Kings

17th January 2023 Pirate Kings Spins

1. spins collect

16th January 2023 Pirate Kings Spins

1. spins collect


Playing Strategies

  1. To become quick rich pirates than you need to spend all your money on building an island.  
  2. Keep log in before your spin limit is complete(50), So you can get more spins for another hour otherwise your spins will be stopped.
  3. Always try to upgrade your island fully to get a new island, So no one can attack you. After getting a new island you will be able to earn money from your fully upgraded island.
  4. If you get an attack you need to hold on and think, is a random island you get for an attack is shielded or without a shield, To know, Watch the island carefully if any part of the island smock then there is a chance of no shield, You can go for an attack, otherwise choose another player or your mates.  You will reward 300k if you get a clean attack.
  5. Steal is a part where you can steal money from a random person.  Don’t worry just start looking carefully you’ll get a perfect steal. 
  6. Watch video ads and complete some offers to get more coins and spins 
  7. Bookmark our sites for daily spins and coins.
  8. Use pirate Quest, play, and win some extra reward.
  9. Add your friends on Facebook o get more rewards from your friends.
  10. Always try to play and get a daily bonus as fast you grab it as you can.


How do I get more spins in Pirate King games?

  • Open daily bonus, Watch videos, complete offers, participate in new events, get links from our website. 

How do you unlock island 2 in the pirate kings game? 

  • Just fully upgrade your first island you will get the 2nd island.

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