PubG Mobile Guide Advanced Tips and Tricks, Best Weapons, Best Places

pubg mobile advanced tips

We share some PubG Mobile Advanced Tips and Tricks to kill, survive, revive, best places to loot, secret places to hide, cheats, best guns, weapons armors and some advanced tips to win this game.

This is a survival game, we all fight and survival last long to win a game for winner winner chicken dinner.

100 players get on a plane and they can land anywhere at the place. You have to choose wisely where you want to land. Ignore popular places and land unknown places as we are unknown battle players.

The first thing we have to do is loot, you can loot everything but it’s important to find the best loot places, I will tell you everything about the best loot places. Kills other players is not important, survival is more important.

Its a simplest game to understand but difficult one to win.

I win this game many times and I want to share some secret things for you to win every time.

PubG Mobile Advanced Tips and Tricks

I want to share everything about this game before sharing PubG mobile Tips and Tricks.

It’s interesting to fight before getting on the plane. Someone fights with each other, someone running, running and running, someone clapping, dancing and whatever.

#1. Landing Places

You have to land in the middle of the map and where nobody wants to land. This will be great for you if you newbie. If you are pro player then land on famous places like Military bases, School, Hospital, and stalber.

Best places to loot in PubG for Erangle

  • Military Base: Most Popular, Very High risky, very higher chances to get higher quality weapons and armors.
  • School: Some fewer chances to get higher quality weapons but you get too many options because this is unlimited loot place.
  • Pochinki: You get too many weapons but the risk is high and weapons quality is still good.
  • Hospital; You will get all the level 2 armors if you are lucky you will get level 3 armors as well. It’s also higher risky place.
  • Mylta Power: Good place to land because you will get very higher quality weapons and armors but the risk is less than other big places.
  • Novo: It’s also a good place to get higher quality weapons and armors. The risk is greater than Mylta Power.
  • Prison: Good place for quality weapons but in less quantity than others risk is also higher.
  • Mention: it is Same as the Prison, mention also a good place to land.
  • Shelter: Higher area to land, very risky but good enough for weapons quality.

Best places to loot in PubG for Miramar

  • Murder House: Higher chances of getting quality weapons but it’s too risky.
  • Pacado Casino and Gym: Higher chances of getting too many weapons with some quality weapons. it is also a higher risky place.
  • Prison: Good place to land if you perfect in one on one fight. Higher quality weapons + Risky place.
  • Military Base (Campo Military): Its best place for getting Very higher quality weapons.
  • Los Leones: Some low risky place and a good place for loot.
  • Ladrilleria: Amazing place low risk and higher chances of getting quality weapons.
  • Minas Generals: it is also same as ladrilleria.
  • Hiding place

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PubG Mobile Advanced Tips for best places

  • Use your brain this is not a killing game, It’s a survival game so land on a lower popularity area with higher quality weapons like Mylta Power, Prison etc in Erangle and Ladrilleria and Minas Generals in Miramar.
  • If you get weapons than you can switch to bigger cities where you can kill enemies and get quality weapons and armors.

Best Weapons for Pubg mobile

Best sniper rifles for long distance shot in Pubg Mobile

  • AWM
  • M24
  • Kar98k
  • SLR

Best mid-Range Shot Guns for continue firing in Pubg Mobile

  • Akm
  • M16A4
  • M416
  • Scar-L

Best Shot Guns in PubG Mobile

  • Tommy gun
  • Micro Usi
  • Important

Best Pistols for PubG Mobile

  • Ri895
  • R45

Best Hand Weapons

  • Pan

Best Armors for PubG Mobile

  • Lv 1 Police bullet proof jacket
  • Lv2 jacket
  • Lv3 jacket (best)
  • Lv1 helmet
  • Lv2 helmet
  • Lv3 helmet

PubG Mobile Advanced Tips for Weapons, Armors, Medicine

You need one long distance rifles and a fast fire rate rifles for short and medium distance to kill your enemies in ending situation. 8x and 15x is amazing for long distance kill.

AWM, Kar98k, and M24 are the best rifles for long distance. M164A and AKM are best for a Short and Mid range. S series rifles are amazing for headshot kill. Only one shot on the head is enough to kill your enemy.

Level 3 product is better than level 1 and 2 but hard to found. So be ready to find level 3 things.

Always store Medicine like first aid, painkiller, energy drink and to use it when your health is weak.

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PubG Mobile Safe zone and Blue zone

Safe Zone in PubG Mobile

A safe sone is a place where you will be safe from blue zone attack, it doesn’t mean you safe from your enemies be alert.

Forcefield (Blue zone) in PubG Mobile

Forcefield also known as a blue zone, we have to go to a safe zone if we are in a blue zone. In the map, we can see a white line popping when we are far from our target so follow the white line and entered into the white line after it white line will be hidden.

PubG Mobile Advanced Tips for Zones

It’s hard to predict nex circle but if you in the middle of the circle it always is in next circle or maybe it near the next circle.

Use the vehicle to move into a safe zone.  Follow the white line on the map to reach fast into the safe zone.

PubG Mobile Advanced Tips and tricks

Killing Enemies Fast in PubG Mobile

You can kill as many enemies as you want. Total 100 players play this game if you play solo than you have to kill 99 other players which is impossible because some players died in the blue zone, some players killed by other players. So you have to kill this player whose near you. You have to land in a popular place to fast kill. Reach the destination before your enemy gets any gun and surprise them and kill.

Map Indexing in PubG Mobile

The map is a very important aspect in This game. It is important to see your place, distance from the safe zone. It also notifies you that the blue zone will have come so you have to move on to the safe zone.

The map is also showing enemy in red mark if they are far away from you. If showing enemies foot than they are just near you.

The map is very helpful to land on safe, popular place.  Keep your eyes on the map to survive last long.

Vehicle Run in Pubg Mobile

In this game, you get two sitter and 3 sitter bikes, 2 sitter buggy, 4 sitter cars and 6 sitter van.

If you are very far from your safe zone then use the vehicle to reach fast. Exit the vehicle when only 20 players left. Boats are also helpful in crossing rivers.

Always use 4 sitter cars to move on with your teammates.

Team squad, Team Duo, and Solo in PubG Mobile

You can play this game with 4 players 2 players or solo. When you play solo only you play and its hard to win. Duo and squad are better to win a game. If good players in your team your work will be less.


If your teammate knocked out you can revive him by going too near him and click on plus button.

Prone Mode

The easiest way to kill an enemy is Prone mode. Its difficult to find prone players, if you kill someone using prone mode you will get a prone certificate.


If you kill too many players you will get a certificate of a hunter. Kil a player with a headshot you will get Headhunter.

Chicken Master

If you win this game as the last player. If your teammates also win with you but you kill the last player. If your teammates kill the last player then you will get chicken dinner, not chicken master.

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